>  27 June 2014

The term ‘Triple scented’ is very misleading, in that it suggests a greater amount of fragrance has been blended into the product. This is not true at all.

Each type of wax has a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added before the wax becomes saturated and is unable to hold any more fragrance. To add more than this amount, will be detrimental to the candles burning experience. A soy wax candle that is ‘fully scented’ would have around 6% fragrance. With this is mind, a company claiming to ‘triple scent’ their candles, would have to add 18% fragrance (6% x 3 = 18%), which in turn would make the candle unburnable.

What triple scented actually means:

A ‘triple scented’ candle most likely is a ‘fully scented’ candle. Not to suggest that some companies use less than the maximum 6% fragrance for soy candles, but the consumer expectation is that a luxury scented candle has the strongest scent throw possible. So for ‘triple scented’ to be a legitimate thing, the company is suggesting that their competitors or other candles not marked ‘triple scented’ in their own range, use only 2% fragrance, (6% ÷ 3 = 2%) which is most likely untrue.

Another thing to mention, if a company claims their candle is ‘triple scented’ there is a very high chance is it not 100% Soy. When mixing other types of wax (such as the petroleum byproduct; Paraffin) or chemical additives into soy, the amount of scent the candle can hold, is slightly increased. These candles can be labeled ‘soy candle’ even if it contains a lot of other nasty things! Another misleading technique used by well-known candle brands in Australia.

Maison Blanche candles are ‘fully scented’ 100% soy wax, which offers a perfect burning candle with a great scent throw.