>  20 February 2016

The Corner Booth is an independently owned concept store featuring carefully curated products, sourced locally and from around the globe. Discover more about what makes them unique

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1) Tell us a bit about The Corner Booth and where we can find you.

The Corner Booth is nestled in the heart of Annandale Village in Sydney’s inner west. We started life back in 2002 as a much loved children’s boutique and have evolved into an exciting lifestyle store. We now offer a blend of clothing, fabulous gifts, and home crafted interiors.

2) What inspires you when buying for a new season?

We tend not to be trend based as such. When buying we really try and focus on our customers. Sourcing unusual, affordable and unique gifts and homewares.

3) What are your favourite brands in-store at the moment? 

At the moment I am in love with The Beach People, Bondi Wash and Maison Blanche of course.

4) Which three words best describe your interior style?

Eclectic, bohemian and collector.

5) What’s on the horizon for The Corner Booth?

This season we are opening up a space upstairs which we are very excited about, it will be a great place to display more of our homewares, bedding and linen.

6) Which is your favourite fragrance from the Maison Blanche collection?

I’m a huge fan of Black Bamboo and Lily at the moment and it’s currently our hottest selling candle!

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