Meet Lynda Gardener, the talented stylist behind the most stylish rental properties in Australia

>  2 April 2018

Our series of Blog Features continues as we meet Lynda Gardener, one of our all time favourite interior stylists, with the added bonus of running and styling multiple accomodation locations, so everyone is able to enjoy her gorgeous styling talents. If you haven't already, go and check out all of her insta accounts!




Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am an interior decorator/collector/stylist/hotelier all in one! Who up until one year ago owned a homeware's store Empire for 24 years in Albert Park Melbourne.

I own and run 4 accommodation properties, one with my partner Mark - all very bespoke accommodations in both Melbourne city (Fitzroy and St Kilda) and country Victoria (Daylesford and Trentham). The Trentham Property also houses a large barn for small intimate gatherings/workshops.

Together, with my business partner Belle I also run, INSIDE STORY which is our interior decorating business - we style for shoots, decorate private homes and commercial properties, such as cafe’s and bars.

I love what I do and know I am so lucky that for most of my working life I have been truly doing all that I love for 30 years - Prior to that I worked for Levi Strauss.

How did you get into styling?   

After working for Levis Strauss and setting up all their stores around Australia, styling and sourcing for each of them around Australia, I opened my store and around the same time designed and decorated my first warehouse space (my home in Fitzroy). It was picked up and noticed by a stylist and shown off to a magazine that snapped it up and it featured in the Launch issue of Marie Claire Lifestyle - Editor Karen McCartney - from there it just took off.

I have never formally been trained - it truly is a passion and endless love for me to be involved with the things I love I want to do in my life.  I have always stuck to my style and look even through all the different phases and trends, I stick to my own gut feeling of the styles and looks I want to create for a home and therefore have I guess have created a signature style.


Do you have any projects in the works?  

Currently we have 6 projects -  a retail store interstate, 5 private homes across Melbourne and Sydney.  Last year we finished a beautiful BNB in Hobart for a wonderful client as well as our huge project last year for Byron Bay Abodes, owner Taliah who ended up booked us for most of the year, styling and decorating her array of stunning properties. Taliah also opened mid-year (2017) THE BOWER a boutique hotel in Byron Bay which we sourced for, styled and decorated.  We also snuck in a whisky bar make over in the Melbourne CBD!!





How do you describe your decorating style?

Actually, I’m not certain what my style is, however, I think it has always been based on a collection of old and new, mixing up contemporary items with old finds. From an early age, I visited markets and second-hand yards and instantly gravitated towards recycling and finding old pieces to add to my rooms - collections I still gather and add to. I try to bring into every interior I work on a mix of old and new. I certainly have never followed trends or styles - it’s just a natural feel for the surrounds, the client and incorporating what they love to the mix.


Have you always had this particular sense of style or do you find yourself evolving to follow current trends? 

Pretty much always had this sense of style, I do of course mix in some current items such as beautiful print rugs from India or wool rugs Morocco for example. However, it’s always a mix and never one complete style or look. I do evolve with some trends as I do get very excited about what you can find now from all around the world.  We have a limitless supply of pretty much anything you can find online you can get sent to your doorstep, which is pretty amazing!

We noticed that your Instagram is very cohesive and flows beautifully, what steps do you take to ensure your Instagram is a true reflection of your style?

Thank you, I have always been pretty fussy over my Instagram - I treat it as a visual diary of my daily loves and finds. Be it, interiors, my home, my accommodations, cafes I frequent, special stores or windows I love, it actually could be anything that takes my eye!!! Whilst walking around the city, out with friends or my partner and so on.  I really love the idea of collecting daily images and reflecting on the weeks as they pass my surrounds inspire me hour after hour/day after day! I love Instagram for all of that!


Keep checking back in for more installments of our Blog Feature series, for all the design inspo and aesthetics. 


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