Meet Claudia West, the up-and-coming stylist behind our latest photoshoot

>  1 March 2018

The first in a series of Blog Features highlighting the minds behind designers, product and interior stylists and how they got into the industry. Creating aesthetic Instagram accounts and giving us all major insta feed envy.



Our first feature is on Claudia (@claudiawes.t) who recently styled our new lifestyle photoshoot to absolute perfection.

We asked her a series of questions to find out a bit more about herself and her styling goals.









Tell us a bit about yourself;

Hi, I'm Claudia and I am a Sydney based Interior Designer/ Stylist.

From a young age I have always found conceptual interior spaces and bold architecture thrilling! Therefore, it has been my main influence to study Interior Design. 

Photographed destinations really inspire and generate my thought process to allow the space to tell a story and portray a personality.  Drawing ideas of earthy facade’s, organic curvatures and natural textures almost come apart of my design identity. 


How did you get into interior styling? 

My love of styling drove from consistently rearranging my bedroom, finding the best solution and practicing compositions to create the best balanced look. Problem solving was always something I enjoyed and growing up as a dancer it definitely stimulated my creative energy. Styling has always been in my blood since the age of 17, as Instagram Flatlays began to become an over kill on my feed, but it was something that I passionately enjoyed!


Do you have any projects in the works? In 5 years, where do you see yourself fitting in the styling world? 

At the moment I am part way through my Advanced Diploma of Interior Design at Sydney Design School, hence no current projects at the moment. Although, I plan to work with some event styling business' once I have completed studying. In 5 years’ time, I would love to have established my own business involving both styling and design. Another goal of mine is to have experienced being a Stylist for ‘Real Living’ magazine!



How do you describe your decorating style?

  • Relaxed 
  • comfortable 
  • Airy
  • Crisp
  • Simplistic 
  • Coastal 

Is there one particular person that influenced your style? Feel free to '@' them!

My favourite Designer is definitely @monpalmer. Although she mainly focuses on garden and outdoor areas of design, I love the essence she brings to the space. Mon successfully creates a space that has a sense of destination that therefore provides personality and warmth!

How do you decide on what accessories to utilise when styling? 

Each time I style I like to have a key word or concept that becomes the driving force to my styling compositions. For example; for the Maison Blanche project I kept the words ‘simple and monochromatic’ as the main focus. Keeping everything in its natural and realistic state is something I like to draw attention to, only using items that would be necessary to avoid clutter!


Keep your eyes peeled for more in this series for some extra background on some of our favourite designers and stylists with the most aesthetic instagram accounts.