>  8 June 2017

Our chandlers for the day made two Maison Blanche branded 40 hour candles. With Mother’s Day around the corner what better to give mum than a personally handmade candle! They could choose from three scents – Nectarine and Mint, Gardenia and Olive and Pear and Brown Sugar.

As well as learning all about the art of candle making, our lovely chandlers were treated to Black Pantry marshmallows and champagne. It was great to have my mum there and everyone loved getting a helping hand from Mum! She definitely came in handy with all the unexpected wax spillage.

Sunshine Plaza customers were gifted with a free Maison Blanche candle in the exclusive Autumn Meets Winter scent, with fresh clean peppermint and orange top notes, middle notes of musk, cedar leaf and amber with a distinctive ocean accord when they spent $100 or more in any transaction. 

Have a look of some shots of the day!