>  16 September 2015

5 Questions answered by our stockists, Ourano Yoga & Lifestyle

1. How do you use your Maison Blanche candles to relax and unwind after a long day?

I love to light my Maison Blanche candles in the living room after a long day as I unwind with a book curled up on the couch. They also sit beside my mat during my evening yoga and meditation practice.

2. Which Maison Blanche candle fragrance would you recommend to people looking to de-stress?

I usually recommend the black bamboo and lily as it’s such a grounding fragrance which is very comforting and relaxing if you’ve been racing around all day. Lime and Sandalwood is also beautiful when you want to create a calm atmosphere perhaps at work or in your home.

3. To you, what are the health benefits of using scented candles?

It’s incredible what scents can do for our physical bodies and minds. They keep us very present and the warm glow of candle is soothing for the soul. It’s also very cleansing for yourself and for the space that you are in. The element of fire has the ability to burn away any negative energy. I love Maison Blanche candles so much not only for the fragrance but for the gorgeous vessels they come in which now once i’ve fully burnt the candle have become a home for some of my crystals.

4. How often do you use scented candles / How often should you use scented candles?

We have the Maison Blanche candles burning in each and every class we hold at the yoga and meditation studio and when we are not in the studio there is always one in the office and home. Light them when you feel guided. It can be very individual and personal which is lovely and candles hold such good energy they can instantly move you into a peaceful state of mind.

5. If you had to pick, which is your favourite Maison Blanche fragrance?

Well it changes depending on my mood and on the season haha but coming into the warmer months I am really loving the nectarine and mint.

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