>  28 May 2016

Meet Chloe Tozer!

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How did you feel when you first opened CLO Studios? 

I was so excited to open CLO Studios & I feel like I didn’t even have time to think about what was happening until we were up and running. I was looking for a jewellery studio space the end of last year after completing my Bachelor of Fine Art & couldn’t find any spaces to join on the coast. I suddenly realised it was my calling to open a creative space to work in & also run a shop front to meet people, share & learn. I’m so lucky to be able to work alongside my mum Trudy who is an interior designer.

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How do you discover new brands for your store? 

 We love going to all the furniture & design shows. Travelling, meeting new people, sourcing products from local artists and keeping up to date with the latest trends via social media or publications.

What do you love about being located in Noosa? 

 The lifestyle! We love being so close to the beach, the sea breeze & laid-back coastal vibe. We get so inspired by the open space; there is so much room for creativity.

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Which fragrance from the Maison Blanche collection do you love the most? 

That’s such a hard choice! We are currently burning Cucumber, Ginger & Mint at CLO Studios. Its so refreshing & yum! I love burning Fresh Coffee in my own home; it’s so comforting & a bit masculine for my partner.

How would you describe your style in three words? 

Contemporary, Raw, Eclectic

We hear you’re expanding CLO Studios, is there any exciting news you can share with us? 

Yes, after such a warm response from our amazing customers we are planning to move into a bigger space & cyber space.

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Keep up to date with CLO Studios on Instagram & be sure to pop in next time you’re in Noosa.


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