Gift Guide // Mum

>  1 May 2018

Mother's Day is right around the corner and everybody knows, mums deserve the world. Give her something special that she’ll be able to enjoy and use every day. And what mum doesn't love home fragrance! Follow our gift guide series to find out the perfect gifts for everybody and every occasion. These are our top three picks for all different kinds of mums to be able to show just how much you appreciate them.



For the ‘Picture Perfect Mum’ that always has her desk looking ready for a photoshoot 009 GRAPEFRUIT & ROSEMARY LARGE CANDLE will keep her office smelling fresh and fruity, productivity would be at an all time high with the revitilising citrus fragrance.





For the ‘Boss B*tch mum’ that wants to come home from a long busy day at work to be able to relax at home the 005 VANILLA AND CACAO DIFFUSER is the no fuss product that even the busiest of mums have time for, the set and forget fragrance lasts for 3 months! The warm, inviting scents will help take the stress of the day away. Wether it be sipping wine on the lounge or having a nice relaxing bath, your mum will be able to relax with this warm comforting fragrance.




The ‘Entertainer mum’ that is forever having her friends around for drinks and nibbles will love the fresh, exciting scents of the 007 SEA SALT & THYME giving her a DELUXE CANDLE will make her the envy of all her friends, along with making the perfect background to a cheese platter.


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