>  26 December 2015

Journey through the bustling streets of Tokyo with guest blogger, Emma of EMXRE. Be sure to grab a coffee on the way, as this is one adventure you’re going to need plenty of energy for!

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First stop – where do we find the best Japanese food? 

Honestly, every single restaurant is outstanding and the sushi is super fresh but if you love seafood Tsukiji Fish Market is your go-to place.

Where is the best place to go shopping? 

Shibuya!! There’s a place called Shibuya 109 and it’s a whole department store filled with lots of different boutiques. Ginza is also really good for high-end designer clothing by the likes of Dior, Alexander wang etc.

What is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of Tokyo? 

There are so many beautiful temples and gardens to discover, plus if you’re visiting Tokyo in April be sure to check out the cherry blossom spots. Even the little things like catching the train instead of a taxi made me feel more like a local.

What are some of the unique things you learnt in Tokyo?

When you go into a change room, you have to take off your shoes and leave them outside and then they also give you a cotton bag to put over your head so you don’t get any makeup on the clothes!
What was your favourite experience? 

We went to a place called ‘The Robot Restaurant’ where we ate fried chicken and watched alien robots fight and dance, it was super random but entertaining at the same time.

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