>  12 December 2015

Take a trip back in time, as we guide you through the must-see destinations of Havana, Cuba. With her good looks, vintage cars, pastel streets and zesty cocktails – this is sure to be a trip you will never forget.

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Old Havana

First stop is Old Havana, no visit is complete without a leisurely walk through the vibrant Spanish colonial quarter.  Rumba riffs roll through quaint cobbled squares; vintage cars ply the streets; and historic forts, museums, and beautifully restored architectural gems share the stories that shaped this grand city. The latter teems with colourfully dressed, cigar-chomping women who make a living as what you might call officially licensed “greeters”.


Artists Workshop

See art come alive at the Taller Experimental de Grafica, positioned at the end of an alley off Cathedral Square in a former public bathhouse. Founded in 1962 on “Che’s” instructions, the shop hosts dozens of artists who are remarkably friendly and happy to chat. Some speak English and will give visitors an up-close demonstration of how lithographs, etchings and woodcuts get made. Just about everything you see is for sale, but there’s no pressure to buy. For more free art, walk up 23rd Street, also known “la Rampa,” or “the Ramp,” where dozens of mosaics by Cuban masters such as Wilfredo Lam form a sidewalk gallery that goes for blocks and blocks.

Plaza Vieja

The large square located in the heart of Old Havana was the place of processions, bullfights, and partiesThe area was one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the city and in the 17th century the square was an important commercial hub.


Today the square is a wide and fascinating location recently completely renewed and declared a World Heritage Site. The best time to be there is in the late afternoon or during sunset. You can enjoy an artisanal beer in one of the oldest bars in the city, located in the north west corner of the square. Sit back and relax as you enjoy a fascinating mix of music, colours and architecture.

Calle Obispo

Calle Obispo is a long pedestrian street that starts from the south of Parque Central and continues through to Plaza de
Armas. As you wander down you will see the famous El Floridita, the place where Ernest Hemingway would drink his Daiquiri. If you’re thirsty, this is a good time for you to stop by and taste their famous cocktails.

As you continue your journey down the street you will see several beautiful hotels but be sure to visit Hotel Florida, it has an amazing internal patio for you to look inside.


El Morro Castle

Last but not least, El Morro Castle is a must when visiting Havana. The complete name is Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro, the Spanish “morro” means “nose”, a rock which is very visible from the sea.

Close to El Morro you will find La Cabaña, this 18th-century fortress complex featuring museums, cultural events & a nightly canon-firing ceremony at 9pm. The ceremony once warned the closing of the city gates and is an experience that deserves to be lived on your adventure through Havana.

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