10 More Reasons to Buy Local and Handmade

>  18 July 2014

Reasons why you should buy local and handmade

1.To support your community, not just financially but by encouraging creativity and personal success.

2.You will directly help a talented artist achieve their dream (and buy dinner)

3.Because local handmade goods is what your great great grandma used to buy.

4.You won’t only get a product, but also a story; whether it’s about the maker, the material used, or the origin, it adds more interest to the item itself.

5.You can be the first of your friends to discover the next great designer!

6.Sincerity. People don’t hand craft things just to make money. They make things that involve years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity.

7.Handmade goods are high quality. Most artists make products that they would purchase themselves, and therefore the attention to detail is obvious.

8.Local handmade items are priced fairly for the materials and labor involved.

9.Handmade, sometimes means customizable (monograms are so chic right now!)

10.Buying handmade celebrates humanity!

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