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Once an overlooked factor - Candle care is an important aspect which improves the safety, regulates the burning time and prolongs a candles life.
Our Rose Gold Candle Care Sets come with three important and functional tools:
1. Wick Trimmers
The Maison Blanche wick trimmer lets you perfectly trim your wick to exactly 5mm - the ideal length to ensure a clean burning candle. This will also prevent the wicks from becomming too long and 'mushrooming', extend the burning time and increase the fragrance throw. Unlike others on the market, the angled edge on the trimmer allows for a clean cut every time.
How to use:
Before lighting your candle, simply place the base of the trimmer on the surface of the wax and snip. This will trim your wicks to exactly 5mm, ready for the candle to be lit. 
To clean the trimmers, wash in warm soapy water and dry well. 


2. Candle Snuffer 
The Maison Blanche candle snuffer lets you safely extinguish your candle and removes the risk of blowing or spilling wax onto yourself or your furniture. This rose gold candle snuffer is stylish enough to display next to your candles.
How to use:
Whilst your candle is burning, place the sufffer over the flame for 3 seconds, so the base just touches the melted wax. This will extinguish your flame, with out the need to blow it out. Wash with warm soapy water after use. 

3. Wick Dipper & Wax Cleaner

The Maison Blanche Wick Dipper is the perfect multi-purpose tool for the candle owner.
It can be used to clean the edge of the vessel, to stand the wick straight and to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.
How to use:
Use this tool when the wax is melted or harderned to uncurl and straighten wicks, as well as clean any wax left on the side of the vessle. 


Weight 0.5000kg
Width 0.120m
Height 0.060m
Length 0.040m
Shipping cubic 0.000288m3
To get the most out of your candle make sure to burn it for 1-4 hours at a time and trim the wick to 5mm before lighting. 
Be sure to read our candle care guide before use for the best performance of your Maison Blanche candle.

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